Laundry Room Revamp: Simplifying Your Laundry Routine

A properly designed and tidy laundry room not only simplifies your laundry routine but also enhances the overall functionality of your home. Whether you’re a busy parent or a young professional, creating a streamlined laundry area can save you time and effort in managing your household tasks.

In this guide, we will explore practical tips and ideas to help you declutter, clean, and organise your laundry room. From smart storage solutions to personalised touches, we’ll cover everything you need to create a laundry space that complements your lifestyle. Plus, we’ll also mention the convenience of end of tenancy cleaning as an additional service for those looking to make their laundry room ready for the next occupant when moving out.

Assessing Your Laundry Room

Start by evaluating the current state of your laundry room. Take a good look at the space and assess its functionality. Pay attention to any clutter, disorganisation, or areas that may be underutilised. Note down any specific issues or challenges you encounter during your evaluation.

Identify the areas that need improvement or organisation. Common problem areas in a laundry room include overcrowded shelves, messy countertops, or inadequate storage for laundry supplies and cleaning products. Look for ways to optimise the available space and make it more user-friendly.

Take inventory of your laundry supplies and equipment. Check your detergent, fabric softeners, stain removers, and other laundry essentials. Also, assess the condition of your washing machine, dryer, and any other laundry equipment you might have. Make a list of items that need restocking or replacement.

End of Tenancy Cleaning Note: If you’re planning to move out of your current home, performing a thorough “end of tenancy cleaning” in the laundry room can leave a positive impression on the landlord or new tenants. It’s an excellent opportunity to leave the space fresh, organised, and ready for its next occupants. Consider including the laundry room in your cleaning checklist to ensure a smooth transition for the new residents.

Decluttering and Sorting Laundry Supplies

Begin the decluttering process by letting go of any expired or unused laundry products. Check the expiration dates on your detergents, fabric softeners, and other laundry items. Dispose of any expired products responsibly and safely. Also, consider donating or giving away laundry products that are in good condition but are unlikely to be used before they expire.

Organise your laundry supplies into categories. Group similar items together, such as detergents, fabric softeners, stain removers, and bleach. Sorting laundry supplies in this way will make it easier to find what you need when doing laundry. Consider using bins or containers to keep each category neatly separated.

Create a system for sorting and storing laundry essentials. Decide on the best location for each category of supplies in your laundry room. For example, keep frequently used items within easy reach, while less commonly used items can be stored on higher shelves or in less accessible areas. Consider using clear containers or labels to make it easy to identify the contents of each storage area.

As you declutter and sort your laundry supplies, take the opportunity to clean and wipe down any shelves, cabinets, or surfaces in your laundry room. Removing unnecessary items and organising your laundry supplies will not only streamline your laundry routine but also create a tidier and more efficient space for this essential household task.

Cleaning and Tidying Your Laundry Room

Dusting shelves and surfaces: Start by dusting all the shelves, cabinets, and surfaces in your laundry room. Dust tends to accumulate quickly in laundry areas due to the lint and fibers from clothing. Use a microfiber cloth or a duster to wipe away dust from the tops of shelves, around laundry products, and any decorative items you may have in the room.

Wiping down washing machines and dryers: Your washing machine and dryer can also collect dust, lint, and detergent residue over time. Regularly wipe down the exterior of these appliances with a damp cloth to keep them looking clean and fresh. Pay attention to the control panels, knobs, and door handles, as they tend to gather dirt and grime.

Sweeping or mopping the floor to remove lint and debris: The laundry room floor can quickly become covered with lint, dust, and small fabric particles. Use a broom or a vacuum cleaner with a soft brush attachment to sweep away the debris. If your laundry room has a hard floor, such as tile or vinyl, mop it with a floor cleaner to ensure a thorough clean. For carpeted laundry rooms, use a vacuum cleaner with a powerful suction to remove lint and dust from the fibers.

By regularly cleaning and tidying your laundry room, you create a more pleasant and hygienic space for doing laundry. Additionally, a clean and organised laundry room can boost your motivation to tackle this chore and make the entire process more efficient and enjoyable.

Efficient Storage Solutions for Laundry Supplies

Utilising shelves or cabinets for storage: Install shelves or use existing cabinets in your laundry room to keep laundry supplies organised and easily accessible. Arrange laundry detergents, fabric softeners, stain removers, and other products on the shelves based on frequency of use, with commonly used items at eye level for convenience.

Installing hooks or hangers for laundry tools and accessories: Maximise wall space in your laundry room by installing hooks or hangers to store various laundry tools and accessories. Hang items like ironing boards, laundry bags, lint rollers, and cleaning cloths to keep them off the floor and neatly organised.

Incorporating labeled containers or bins for easy identification: Use labeled containers or bins to categorise smaller laundry items and keep them in one place. Consider using clear containers to easily see the contents or opt for decorative bins that complement your laundry room’s style. For example, you can have separate containers for clothespins, sewing supplies, lost socks, or even pocket change found in pockets before washing.

Efficient storage solutions help you keep your laundry room clutter-free and functional. Having designated spaces for each laundry supply and tool makes it easier to find what you need when doing laundry, saving you time and effort during the process. By optimising storage, you can create a well-organised laundry area that contributes to a smoother laundry routine and a tidier overall space.

Organising Laundry Room Layout

Arranging laundry equipment and furniture for optimal workflow: Plan the layout of your laundry room to ensure an efficient workflow. Place the washing machine and dryer near each other for easy transfer of clothes between them. If possible, have a countertop or table nearby for folding freshly laundered items. Consider the height of the machines and furniture to prevent strain while loading and unloading laundry.

Ensuring adequate lighting for laundry tasks: Good lighting is essential in the laundry room to accurately sort, treat stains, and fold clothes. If natural light is limited, consider installing bright overhead lights or task lighting above the folding and ironing areas. Adequate lighting not only makes laundry tasks easier but also helps you spot stains or damage on clothes more effectively.

Designating areas for folding, sorting, and ironing clothes: Create distinct zones in your laundry room for different laundry tasks. Dedicate a space for sorting laundry into categories like whites, colours, and delicates. Have a clear area for folding clothes once they are dry, and keep a nearby surface available for ironing. Utilise laundry room organisation accessories such as laundry baskets, hampers, and ironing boards to keep each area tidy and well-organised.

By organising the layout of your laundry room, you can create a functional and user-friendly space that streamlines your laundry routine. A well-designed layout enhances your efficiency, making it easier to tackle laundry tasks with ease. When everything is in its designated place, and the laundry room is well-lit and accessible, you’ll find doing laundry to be a more enjoyable and productive experience.

Implementing a Simplified Laundry Routine

Establishing a regular laundry schedule: Create a consistent laundry schedule that fits your household’s needs and lifestyle. Determine how often you need to do laundry based on the size of your family, the number of clothes used daily, and your available time. Having a set laundry day or days can prevent overwhelming piles of clothes and ensure that you stay on top of the laundry tasks.

Sorting laundry by colour and fabric type: To simplify your laundry routine and preserve the quality of your clothes, make it a habit to sort laundry before washing. Separate dark and light-coloured garments to prevent colour bleeding. Additionally, sort clothes by fabric type (e.g., delicate, cotton, synthetic) to adjust washing settings accordingly. Pre-sorting your laundry will save time and help prevent accidental damage to your clothing.

Using eco-friendly laundry practices when possible: Adopting eco-friendly laundry practices not only benefits the environment but also promotes a simplified and mindful approach to laundry. Consider using cold water for most laundry loads to save energy and preserve fabric colours. Use eco-friendly and biodegradable laundry detergents that are free from harsh chemicals. Moreover, opt for air-drying clothes when weather permits, as this reduces energy consumption and prolongs the life of your garments.

By implementing a simplified laundry routine, you can streamline the laundry process and make it more manageable. Establishing a regular schedule, sorting laundry effectively, and adopting eco-friendly practices contribute to an efficient and eco-conscious laundry experience. A simplified laundry routine not only saves time and effort but also helps you maintain a tidy and organised laundry room.

Making Use of Vertical Space

Installing wall-mounted drying racks: Maximise your laundry room’s vertical space by installing wall-mounted drying racks. These racks can be folded up against the wall when not in use, saving valuable floor space. Wall-mounted drying racks are perfect for air-drying delicate clothing items and can also serve as a convenient spot to hang clothes that need to be refreshed between wears. By using the walls for drying clothes, you free up floor space for other laundry tasks and keep your laundry room organised.

Hanging ironing boards on the back of doors: Ironing boards can be bulky and take up precious floor space in a small laundry room. Instead, consider hanging your ironing board on the back of a door or inside a closet door. Many ironing board holders are designed to be mounted on doors and can accommodate both full-size and compact ironing boards. This simple solution keeps your ironing board out of the way when not in use, making your laundry room more efficient and clutter-free.

Utilising shelves for laundry baskets: Invest in sturdy shelves or install wall-mounted shelves to store your laundry baskets. Placing laundry baskets on shelves not only keeps them off the floor but also creates a designated space for each family member’s laundry. Use labels or tags to identify each person’s laundry basket, making it easier to sort and fold clean clothes. Additionally, having laundry baskets on shelves prevents tripping hazards and gives your laundry room a neater and more organised appearance.

By utilising vertical space in your laundry room, you can optimise the room’s functionality and create a well-organised and efficient workspace. Wall-mounted drying racks, hanging ironing boards, and shelves for laundry baskets help maximise floor space, keep laundry essentials within reach, and contribute to a tidy and functional laundry room setup.

Personalising the Laundry Room

Adding decorative elements or artwork: Transform your laundry room into a more inviting and pleasant space by adding decorative elements and artwork. Consider hanging framed prints or paintings that resonate with your personal style or evoke a sense of tranquility. You can also display family photos or inspirational quotes that bring a touch of warmth and personal connection to the room. By infusing your laundry room with meaningful decor, you’ll create a space that feels more like an extension of your home rather than just a functional utility area.

Using laundry-themed decals or wallpaper: Inject some creativity and playfulness into your laundry room by using laundry-themed decals or wallpaper. You can find a variety of decals featuring laundry-related designs, such as clotheslines, laundry baskets, or washing machine illustrations. If you prefer a more cohesive look, consider using wallpaper with patterns or motifs that complement your laundry room’s colour scheme and style. This simple addition can instantly liven up the space and make laundry tasks feel less mundane.

Incorporating plants for a touch of freshness: Bring a breath of fresh air into your laundry room by adding some indoor plants. Plants not only enhance the aesthetics but also contribute to better air quality by purifying the surrounding air. Low-maintenance plants like pothos, snake plants, or peace lilies thrive in indoor environments and require minimal care. Placing a potted plant on a shelf, countertop, or windowsill will add a touch of nature and brightness to your laundry room, making the space feel more vibrant and inviting.

By personalising your laundry room with decorative elements, laundry-themed decals, and indoor plants, you can turn this utilitarian space into an area that reflects your unique style and personality. Creating a visually appealing and personalised laundry room can make the task of doing laundry more enjoyable and inspire you to keep the space clean and organised.

Maintaining a Clutter-Free Laundry Room

Setting aside time for weekly or monthly cleaning and organising: Consistency is key to maintaining a clutter-free laundry room. Schedule dedicated time each week or month to clean and organise the space. During this time, wipe down surfaces, dust shelves, and vacuum the floor to keep the room tidy and free from dust and debris. Take this opportunity to reorganise any items that might have shifted or become disarrayed during regular use. By staying on top of cleaning and organising tasks, you can prevent clutter from accumulating and ensure your laundry room remains a functional and pleasant space.

Encouraging all family members to participate in laundry room upkeep: Keeping the laundry room clutter-free should be a shared responsibility among all family members. Encourage everyone in the household to be mindful of their laundry supplies and belongings. Designate specific areas for each family member’s laundry essentials, such as detergent and fabric softener, to avoid mix-ups and disorganisation. Encourage kids to put away their laundry supplies after use and involve them in the cleaning and organising process. By fostering a sense of ownership and cooperation, you can create a more organised and clutter-free laundry room.

Regularly assessing and decluttering laundry supplies: Over time, laundry supplies can accumulate, leading to excess clutter. Regularly assess your laundry room’s supplies and declutter any items that are expired, no longer needed, or rarely used. Dispose of expired or old detergents and fabric softeners responsibly. Donate or give away any laundry-related items that are in good condition but no longer serve a purpose in your household. Keeping only essential and frequently used supplies in your laundry room will help maintain order and prevent unnecessary clutter.

By following these practices, you can ensure that your laundry room remains clutter-free and well-organised. A clean and tidy laundry room not only makes laundry tasks more efficient but also creates a pleasant environment that enhances your overall laundry experience. Regular maintenance and everyone’s involvement contribute to a functional and clutter-free laundry room that streamlines your laundry routine.


In conclusion, by applying effective cleaning and organising strategies to your laundry room, you can transform it into a functional and clutter-free space that enhances your laundry routine. Assessing the current state of the room, decluttering unnecessary items, and organising laundry supplies will create a streamlined and efficient space. Utilising vertical space, personalising the room, and maintaining regular cleaning routines contribute to an inviting and pleasant atmosphere. By involving all family members and fostering a sense of responsibility, you can ensure the laundry room remains tidy and well-maintained. With a clutter-free laundry room, you can enjoy a more efficient and enjoyable laundry experience, making this essential household chore a breeze.

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