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Cleaning services for tenants – for the outgoing tenants, our goal is always to help them get their deposit back, in full. So, when hired, we take care of everything, where we clean and fix small wears and tears here and there, making sure that when the landlord or the management of the apartment comes for the final inspection, you are able to get their approval, and hence returns your deposit intact.

Cleaning for landlords – even though the tenant left everything in order, as a landlord, you should understand that the incoming tenant would want nothing short of absolute perfection. We are able to help you achieve this, thereby avoiding any delays that might be brought such kinds of issues.

Below are just some of the standard duties which we carry out in the main rooms of the apartment:

Residential End Of Tenancy Cleaning Services in Redbridge

End of tenancy cleaning in London is the perfect way to get your deposit back from a landlord. End of tenancy cleaning services include washing, vacuuming and mopping flooring, dusting surfaces and wiping down kitchen appliances. If you are renting out your property for the first time then it’s important to make sure that everything is done before you hand over the keys.

Living room cleaning

Living Room Cleaning

• Cleaning the windows • Cleaning the furniture and their underneath surfaces • Wiping all the electrical equipment and TV stands • Polishing all the wooden surfaces • Cleaning the upholstery • Wiping all the lighting fixtures • Carpet cleaning • And not forgetting all the doors, frames, and the hinges.

Hallway and stairs cleaning

Hallway & Stairs Cleaning

We will clean the staircase nosing (if any), handrails and ledges, the lighting fixtures and also mopping the floors and wiping the walls. The hallway and the stairs are what captures the attention of any potential tenant immediately after opening the door to the apartment. So we will do everything to ensure that it looks perfect.

Bedroom Cleaning

• Cleaning the furniture inside-out • Cleaning the underneath services of each furniture • Cleaning the windows • Mopping the floors • Cleaning the carpets • Cleaning the balconies (if any)

Kitchen Deep Cleaning

• De-scaling taps and the sink • Oven cleaning • Cleaning the kitchen appliances • Polishing all the relevant services • Cleaning the dishwasher • Degreasing any wall tiles • Wiping of the skirting boards, plug sockets or any light fittings

Bathroom cleaning

Bathroom Cleaning

• Cleaning of the tiles, grouting, fitting and the sealant • Cleaning the mirrors • De-scaling the entire bathroom, from the shower fixtures, taps, and glasses • Cleaning any visible plumbing pipes and other works • Vacuuming the floor space

"Cleaners came round to sort out a longish list of stuff. Extremely friendly and efficient, both leading up to and during the visit, and I cannot recommend them enough. Rates are very reasonable, and I will definitely use them again.”
Home Owner

Why should I use professional end of tenancy cleaning?

Make Your Property Presentable

End of tenancy cleaning is designed to make the property as presentable for potential buyers or your next tenants. It’s advised from most estate agents that end of tenancy cleaners should be booked before photos are taken, or shortly after they have been taken. This will give a better impression to prospective tenants and increases the chance it will be rented out quickly.

Thorough Clean of All Areas

Professional end of tenancy cleaners help you with all aspects of deep cleaning in your rental property such as kitchen appliances, light fittings, door frames etc, so it's best if these things can't wait until professional decorators come along later on during this process...

Deep Clean Your House & Office

End of tenancy cleaners are often not just limited to end of lease clean ups but can offer professional general house or office cleaning too as well as deep clean if needed! They're really experts at making your property or premises ready for inspection or letting.

Get Your Deposit Back

Many tenants are required to pay a percentage of their deposit when they move in. When you vacate the property, your landlord will take this money and use it for any damages that have been made or repairs needed as well as taking care of any outstanding bills. This is why end of tenancy cleaners can be so helpful as not only do they clean up and make sure everything is ship shape but also provide professional photography service too!


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Frequently Asked Questions

First and foremost, the amount that you pay for the end-of-tenancy cleaning will ultimately depend on the size of the home/apartment you are moving out from. It is also dependent on the number of cleaners required to complete the job. But the price will range somewhere between 190 and 500 pounds, with a one-room studio apartment costing 195 pounds and a six or more bedroom house going for 415 pounds.  

At End of Tenancy Cleaning Pro, we offer competitive pricing. For more details, please contact us directly.

The one responsible for paying for the cleaning service is always an issue of contention between landlords and the tenants. Now, one thing you should know is that in the UK, a landlord is not supposed to charge the tenancy for cleaning at the end of their tenancy. This is according to the Tenant Fees Act of 2019, which states that the landlord can’t charge for these services. Any landlord who violates this regulation will face a fine of at least 5000 pounds. And any clause included in the tenancy agreement contradicting this law is not legally unenforceable. However, having said that, there is a security deposit that a tenant pays when moving into the house, and there is always an agreement that states that the landlord will use this money to cover all the costs of returning the apartment back to its original condition. This of course includes repairing any wear and tear as well as the end of tenancy cleaning. The landlords are well within their rights to deduct these costs from the rental deposit.   

Basically, the end of tenancy cleaning includes the following:

Removing your personal belongings from the apartment and then arrange everything that was in the apartment when you moved in.

Cleaning each and every room in the house – remember that the main goal of end-of-tenancy cleaning is to ensure that the apartment is restored back to its original condition. And as such, one way to ensure that happens is by deep cleaning every room in that house – of course, paying close attention to the kitchen given the possibility of food deposits stuck even in the tightest spaces. Make sure every part of the house is completely disinfected and sanitised.

It can also include cleaning of fixtures and fittings in the apartment – the cleaning of things like carpets, curtains, and light fittings is also included in the end-of-tenancy cleaning. The cleaning must be done to a point where even when the landlord sees the space, he or she won’t be able to spot any single area left untidy.

The cleaning can also include cleaning of the windows, both on the exterior as well the interior, cleaning the oven, and also removing mold and mildew from the windows. Basically, everything must be left super-clean and looking new.   

For extensive cleaning, many businesses in the UK will pay per hour, a rate of around 100 to 200 pounds per hour, which includes VAT. And if it’s just a normal office cleaning, it will cost you around 20 to 25 pounds per hour. Basically, the way cleaning companies charge is based on whether they are doing a deep clean or is just general cleaning. The size of the business will also play a role in determining what to charge you to clean it. Also, during a deep clean, blinds and curtains might need to clean, and if that’s the case, you might pay 40 to 100 pounds per item.  

At End of Tenancy Cleaning Pro, we offer competitive pricing. For more details, please contact us directly.

The apartment should be very clean! From the windows, the oven, the entire kitchen, the laundry room, bathroom, etc, should be sparkling clean. In simple words, you will need to return the apartment the way you found it when moving in.

Just like in any other task, preparation is super important as it ensures that you will get the best possible results from the cleaning process. Having said that, preparing for the end-of-tenancy cleaning isn’t that complicated. As a matter of fact, it can be done in five steps only;

Declutter – the very first thing you need to do before the cleaning even starts is to declutter the entire house. You need to sort through all items, separating the useful ones from the ones that you don’t need. This will certainly make the work easier for the cleaners, and you will also save on moving costs. As you will only move things that you will keep.

If you have pets, get them out of the way – when the cleaning starts, it can be very destructive to have your pet running around. You need to ensure that the pet is out of the way so that a thorough cleaning can take place. With your rental deposit at stake, you simply can’t have your pet ruining what is being done, you know.

Inspect the property – you need to carry out a thorough inspection of the property to try and look for areas that may need to be fixed. You will take note of these areas, and that means you will be able to direct the cleaners to these areas.

Review the rental agreement – after the inspection, you will need to review the agreement trying to note areas where you might be charged to fix. You will also see what the landlord needs when it comes to the oven, carpets, curtains, and windows, and you will be able to do it beforehand, and even prepare for it.

Come up with a checklist – at this stage, you will need to put yourself in the landlord’s shoes. Start going through the apartment noting down areas that need to be cleaned, and then after the cleaners show up, you point them out.

Long answer – it depends! Here is what we mean, end of tenancy cleaning isn’t the same as the regular cleaning you do every now and then. It is basically a deep clean that really does take time to be done effectively. Having said that, the amount of time it takes to do the cleaning will depend on three things; the size of the property, the state of the property, and the one doing the cleaning – whether you will do the cleaning yourself, or will hire a cleaning team. If you decide to go DIY, you can give yourself a day or two, depending on the size of the house. This will be enough time to ensure that everything is sparkling cleaning, from kitchen appliances to the carpets and other items in the apartment. And if you decide to hire a professional cleaning team, it will not take as long as it would when cleaning it yourself. So, we can say about a couple of hours – less than a day to be specific. They will bring all the right tools needed for a thorough deep clean. With such a team, you will have time to focus more on your move. 

Yes, it does! You see, you found the oven clean, right? Well, you have to leave it the way you found it! But you may also have found it not as clean when you moved in, and you are wondering whether you must clean it, or can just leave it for the next tenant to clean. In this case, still, the best thing to do will be to clean the oven regardless. Remember that the landlord still has your deposit, and as we mentioned at the start of this article, he or she will be well within his/her rights to deduct any amount charged to ensure that the property is restored back to its original condition. And this includes even the oven.  

Yes, absolutely! As a matter of fact, it’s not only essential but economical as well for both the landlord and the tenant. For the tenant, the cleaning service is super essential, especially if you want your rental deposit back. Otherwise, there will be disputes, which may end up being subjected to the Deposit Protection Scheme that aims to protect both the landlord and the tenant. And given that it is the tenant’s responsibility to protect the property he/she rented, you might end up losing your deposit. For the landlord, the end of tenancy cleaning is essential as it makes the property attractive to prospective new tenants, which in turn, boosts rental success. After all, well-maintained properties are more likely to be rented quickly and bring a higher rental income compared to poorly maintained ones. Also, you have to remember that it is through this cleaning that the landlord is able to notice and rectify any problems available before the next tenant comes.